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Black screen (but still receiving HDMI signal) - cuber3 - 12th Jan, 2014 11:32 PM

Hey guys,

First off, I am a total newbie when it comes to Xbian or even Raspberry Pi in general.
I received my Pi with wireless adapter, power supply (2A, 5V) and case last thursday.
I got it installed by following the instructions on the website using a 2GB SD card, and proceeded to scrape my movies folder. Having 1.33TB of movies, this took all night, so I left it running in the background. The next day I accidentally unplugged the power supply of the Pi while it was still running, and my SD card got corrupted. I used Panasonic SD Formatter to restore it, and installed Xbian again. Again, I added my movies folder and waited. Last time I checked it was about 80% done, but today when I turned on my TV again the HDMI channel the Pi is connected to just shows a black screen (it is however still outputting a signal). I have two HDMI cables I use with my Xbox 360, and have tried them both to no avail. Could anyone tell me what might have happened, and what the best procedure would be to maybe safely reboot it? How do I reboot it without actually seeing what I am doing? I am afraid to corrupt my SD card again..

The only USB devices I have plugged in are my wireless adapter (which is still blinking away), and a wireless mouse. I have tried unplugging the mouse, but that didn't help either. I don't have any external HDD's plugged in at all, I am accessing my movies through the wireless network.
Thanks in advance Smile

RE: Black screen (but still receiving HDMI signal) - IriDium - 13th Jan, 2014 05:29 AM

I have a feeling this might just be a simple fix, by adding a keyboard. It seems to be that the screensaver has activated and all XBMC needs is a little "nudge" for the screen to come back on. Have you tried wiggling the mouse?

You can see if Xbian is running is by ssh into you RPi and running the command "top", If is in the top 5 then it is still running.

If you want to reboot safely - from ssh just issue the command "sudo reboot"