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*updated* interview with an xbian user wth a mavericks mac - fuziwuzi - 14th Jan, 2014 10:21 PM

i was unsure how to share my info, so i made up an interview.

Question: i have a mavericks (pre-unibod) mac book pro. what features would appeal to me?
Answer: i have a 4tb seagate drive that is formatted in HFS. if i plug it into the usb port of my raspberry pi it quickly displays in the file manager in xbian. exfat also works on a 32GB hp memory stick in the raspberry pi usb port.

Question: why is this interesting?
Answer: It's currently uncommon for afforable formats to support these formats.

Question: can i see my raspberry pi from my marackicks computer?
answer: if i open finder in os mavericks i can see 'xbian' in the sidebar on the left under shared. through this i can see the 4tb hfs drive connected to the pi. therefore i can use finder to see files on the hfs formatted 4tb external hard drive connected to raspberry pi.

Question: what was your experience in using a mavricks machine to get xbian working on a pi.
Answers: quickly to cover the basics, you meed a mac, a sd port, a 2gb+ sd card, and the xbian osx install software. run the xbian install software on your mac, and it will have a drop drop down box to show the attached drives. select your sd card and and the install-software and it will download xbian and make it bootable on your sd card when you install it in your raspberry pi.

Question: what if i want the usb drive to be connected to my mac.
Answer: well if you use a dlna media server like ps3 media sever or tvmobili. it will display under file manager in upnp.

Question: oh, so lots of 'stuff' to do?
Answer: the upnp setting in xbian will allow the usb drive to be seen in a good upnp/dlna app on andriod phone. i use one and i can select files from my usb drive on my xbian through an app on my phone.

Question: have you pushed your xbian?
Answer: i have run a 10gb 1080p movie from mac over ethernet to xbian on my pi and it never stuttered.

RE: interview with an xbian user wth a mavericks mac - fuziwuzi - 15th Jan, 2014 04:13 PM

Update: i haver never contributed before, and i am unsure who to share my understanding.

i think the information on the website about should include this information. I’ve been using a raspberry pi, and playing with n00bs and others for a month. None of them advertise these features and they were the features i was looking for.

- Quickly auto-mounts less-supported file systems like HFS (apple’s format) and exfat (like fat32 allowing 4gb+ files from USB memory sticks). (developers: is there a GUI way to unmount drives safely?)
- Inbuilt support for uPNP/DLNA. When selected Xbian will act a a media server for any attached USB drive. Also, you can send files for other media servers on the network to xbian to be played/streamed.
- When connected to ethernet Xbian can support streaming of 1080p files upto 10gb without stuttering.
- the Xbian options allowing detailed overclocking for your pi.
- Supports more audio and movie codecs. including flac audio that is used in some .mkv files. PS3 does not play .flac audio.
- all these things suggest bleeding edge support.

suggestion: can dual audio be selected by default for people using a headset with the pi connected to a speakerless monitor. save option diving, and might be useful to some.

My setup
Computer- pre-unibody mac 2.5ghx dualcore, 8600gt 512MB, 750gb fusion drive. TVmobili is used for streaming media from my mac to any upnp enabled device on the wetwork.
TV- LG 42inch lm6700 (smart and 3d)
Games console- Slim PS3 with 750gb drive
Modem/router- Draytek 2800 ADSL2+ modem (does dhcp for the network). single band apple airport extreme 802n.
Drives- seagate 4tb HFS formatted usb external drive. HP usb stick 32gb currently formatted in exfat
Raspberry: B version, 512b version.
software- Xbian ver1 beta2 using mac installer,
SD Card: 1) sandisk ultra 16gb, class 10-1 30MBps. 2) Kingmax 68gb, class 6. 3) team 8gb, class 10, 20MBps.
Phone- Galaxy S4 with media house pro used a a remote for upnp.
also wireless mini keyboard and trackpad.