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Wifi access but no internet - tobynz - 18th Jan, 2014 11:31 AM

Hi All

Raspberry Pi model B
Pi powered from 2A USB hub
Edimax wifi dongle on hub
Powered USB 3.0 WD drive on hub

Have encountered a strange problem with my WiFi setup. I can connect to my home network and control my Xbian install via my android phone (Yaste controller for xbmc). The problem I'm having is that I cannot scan for new movies etc because it cannot find the host servers for TVDB and MovieDB. I also tried playing a trailer for a movie, still no luck, the connection times out. Its strange that I can work within the local network but cant access the internet. This setup was working fine when I built it at my work but now doesn't work at home - any ideas??


RE: Wifi access but no internet - IriDium - 19th Jan, 2014 01:00 AM

Sounds like the gateway and DNS servers haven't been set properly - or showing the wrong values.

Set the correct values and it should all work fine.