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AW: Does your RPi freeze? - comstyle - 27th Jun, 2014 01:29 AM

alright... I'll look into it these days. thanks a lot Smile

edit: this is the link for my logfile ->

I switched the input channel of the tv at 15:08 (3:08 pm) and switched back to the pi at 15:11 (3:11 pm)

for posting the dmesg file I have to use postebin, right?

RE: Does your RPi freeze? - mk01 - 2nd Jul, 2014 08:26 AM


dmesg is not needed
when you switched back to TV, could you control XBian with Remote ?
It doesn't seem so. You then manually re-paired (reconnected cec) via TV menu. Is it right ?

RE: Does your RPi freeze? - comstyle - 2nd Jul, 2014 07:55 PM

It's 50/50.
Sometimes I can control with the remote after a few (3-5) seconds and sometimes I need to use Yatse via phone.
When I have to use Yatse it's possible CEC is usable again after a couple of minutes. Often it needs a reboot to work again with CEC.
I can't see a real pattern here except CEC causing a crash of something. But turning CEC off doesn't fix it (Didn't try uninstalling it).

Btw when I start playing a video and switch the source of my TV (video keeps playing - no pause) and then switch back after a while, the sound keeps playing normal but the fps dropped to 1-2. pushing a button (remote or Yatse) it jumps back to the right frame and it works as it should.

RE: Does your RPi freeze? - mk01 - 2nd Jul, 2014 09:20 PM


ok. It is combination of two factors - XBian trying to enter lowfps mode - 2fps. it happens on XBian being deactivated as source (switch to different) or TV being turned off. That works fine if TV cooperates.

Currently with libCEC there remains one bug open. it is the auto-reconnect when switched back to libCEC (specifically and only with LG TVs). So you switch source but LG can't negotiate / resume connection and inform XBian about being ActiveSource again. in that case lowfps mode is again turned off.

Can you go into CEC device setting within XBMC and switch off functions like "Turn devices off with screensaver" and related?
Also be sure you have latest possible XBMC (what would be in case of RPI DEVEL repo and xbian-package-xbmc-13.2-ALPHA1)

AW: Does your RPi freeze? - comstyle - 5th Jul, 2014 04:59 AM

Xbian is up to date. I turned CEC off after the latest updates and it stopped freezing. I tried a lot of combinations within the periphals settings and nothing help.
Too bad I can't use the remote anymore for now.
Thanks a lot for the explanation and the help from you two.
I will try out CEC time after time to see if the bug is still present.

RE: Does your RPi freeze? - mk01 - 19th Jul, 2014 08:22 PM


we got PulseEight attention already on the issues - even this won't help our users as we provided the fixes already in XBians libCEC. Unfortunately for your this one related to LG TVs remains Undecided.

But we know that it was introduced with libCEC 2.1.4 so you can grab older XBian's packages of libCEC. There was nothing new introduced with 2.1.4 what you can miss, just some bugs been solved and 2x the amount new created.

Go to, open issues at XBian and list second page. There you will find the report related to TV LG and kind users reporting what specific version of xbian-package-cec will work for you. after you downgrade the package you can forbig APT to upgrade it again with
apt-mark hold xbian-package-cec

and you can stay that way (and fine) for years.

AW: Does your RPi freeze? - comstyle - 27th Jul, 2014 08:52 AM

nice Smile thx a lot for that suggestion!