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egalax Touch Screen Calibration - mapomme1108 - 11th Apr, 2014 05:58 AM


I would like to know how to calibrate the eGalax USB touch screen which is natively suportted in
Xbian 1 beta 2.

I don't know which file I have to edit or which program I have to run to make it work properly.

Thanks per advance for your help

RE: egalax Touch Screen Calibration - mapomme1108 - 11th Apr, 2014 05:51 PM

I have found these configuration files : hwcalib_xy and swap_xy
in sys/modue/usbtouchscreen/parameters
but I don't what to write in them; for the moment they only contain a letter : N

On my usb touch screen, the y axe is inverted

RE: egalax Touch Screen Calibration - mk01 - 19th Apr, 2014 12:12 AM

no idea about the "hwcalib_xy"

but for "swap_xy" you can try putting "Y"
echo Y > /sys/modue/usbtouchscreen/parameters/swap_xy

but you check forum a bit there is specific thread with conf & setup scripts to do all for you.

eGalax Touch Screen instalation - luipez - 14th Oct, 2015 05:31 PM

Buongiorno a tutti.
Ho un RPI, una SD con Raspbian e un'altra SD con Rapsbmc (KODI) e questo LCD:
Voglio installare il touch su entrambe.
Essendo nuovo di RPI e non conoscendo Linux, Vi chiedo se potete indicare ad un neofita come me la sequenza delle istruzioni da eseguire per l'installazione del display sulle due distro.
Goodmorning everyone.
I have an RPI, a SD whit Raspbian and another with Rapsbmc (KODI) and this LCD: 953767.html
I want to install the touch on both.
Being new to RPI and not knowing Linux, I'm wondering if you can tell a neophyte like me sequence of instructions to be executed for the installation of the display on the two distros.
Thank you