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2 vlan - Vorms - 9th Jun, 2014 11:26 PM

I have two valn. the first for lan and the second for IPTV.
The two vlan has DHCP.
It's just one DNS.
The dhclient update the resolv.conf file one time with the dns from the lan subnet and the othertime withe the dns findet with the iptv subnet.
Normaly it is possible to unable modification in the resolv.conf by making a hook script in dhclient-script folder.
I do that by creating my_resolv_conf script and exposing an empty make_resolv_conf() function.
What I don't understand is my make_resolv_conf() is never executed. All the time the original make_resolv_conf() method is executed. I am schur my hook script is executed.
Is that possible to have help from aniybody ?

Best regard