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Raspberry PI model B+ - IriDium - 17th Jul, 2014 02:49 AM

As you may, or not, know but there is a *new* Raspberry Pi. HERE

Nothing major has changed (AFAIK) but it now supports 4 USB ports.

This obviously has additional power requirements. However, looking at the details, each port can now supply 300ma rather than 100ma.

Even though the RPi+ has lower power requirements ~600ma rather than 750ma, this of course requires an upgraded PSU - Now 2amp.

So when looking at issues - check if it is a Model B+ and it's PSU, as anyone who "upgrades" to the new model may not have the right PSU for the job.

RE: Raspberry PI model B+ - rikardo1979 - 17th Jul, 2014 07:20 AM

this is the only place I havent placed this info Smile
And twitter

RE: Raspberry PI model B+ - IriDium - 28th Jul, 2014 02:24 AM

I had a quick play with one this weekend, and the power control seems to be a lot better - power jitters don't crash the RPi now.

However I was unable to get a USB powered HDD to work - mouse and KB showed signs of panic, but no crash.

So it seems that it is a lot more reliable, but alas it is still not USB compliant, so 500ma devices will not work - eg HDD.

But, most other USB plugins should work as long as a suitable PSU is used.

If in doubt - use at least 2amp + and you'll be fine.