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[PROBLEM] Update questions and XBIAN config problems - IngoVals - 19th Aug, 2014 08:28 AM

So I haven't updated in a long time. I currently have Alpha 5 build.

So I was thinking if I could update easily from that to newest stable, RC2 or something. Is this possible?

I looked at the wiki and it talks about using xbian-config. In settings under Xbian there is a update interface that just says "up to date". But I found Xbian-config under programs but I cant select it, the program just doesnt seem to respond or take to much time starting up. If I try entering xbian settings after I try to start up xbian-config I get a popup saying "config still running" or something like that.

Last thing, should I backup before updating? I see the wiki mention that there are snapshots taken before updates (at least apt update) but not sure if that is a relialbe feature that was present in Alpha 5.

RE: [PROBLEM] Update questions and XBIAN config problems - IriDium - 20th Aug, 2014 12:59 AM

I think you are out of luck.

There used to be a route from Alpha 5 to RC1 and then from RC1 to RC2 but I think that route is no longer an issue.

Unless you have made major changes, it would be best to start again from afresh. This is sometimes a good idea with any operating system - clears out any dross and unused files/folders.

I would make a backup first - use Win32diskimager to read the SD card to a img file on your PC.
Use XBMC addon xbmc backup to create a backup of your home directory.
System -> Audo - export video library.

This will mean that "Nothing" is lost - although it may not be easy to restore them.

The snapshot feature was implemented in Beta 1 (I believe).

So bite the bullet and go for a fresh install. (IMHO)