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RPi NAS+Transmission+XBMC - Dolphinus - 30th Dec, 2014 07:46 AM

Hello friends,

I would like to know wich are my best options in performance for my installation, I have a RPi with xbian which runs transmission with flexget and downloads files to an NTFS external hard drive connected to it, it´s also connected via HDMI to a TV where I can watch my shows and movies, it's connected via wired LAN to a Netgear R6300, it works great I'm very happy with it's performance, but recently I bought a "smart" tv which DLNA service can´t manage external subtitles, so I've managed to connect an old and broken Atrix HD via HDMI and installed XBMC to it so I can watch all the content stored and shared via SMB on the RPi, SD videos play ok, but almost 99% of my media is HD, sometimes it plays ok with no pauses, but others video playback stops and get only audio, the fact that it works sometimes even simultaniously (RPi and Atrix HD) makes me wonder if it's a wireless issue.

I was thinking about buying another RPi and connect it via LAN with a wireless repeater, but my doubt is if it can play 1080p content from a shared drive.

I can try to format the drive to EXT3 or EXT4 and connect it to the R6300 router, but then I don't know if transmission can save downloaded content to a shared drive, it is a 1 TB external drive with considerable amount of media, so I don't want to waste time and effort doing so.

What whould you recommend or what are your experiences on this scenario??.

Thanks in advance. Best regards.

RE: RPi NAS+Transmission+XBMC - IriDium - 31st Dec, 2014 05:05 AM

I doubt if it's a wireless issue - as even 1080p files don't take up too much bandwidth - somewhere around 5mb if I remember correctly.

It's more than likely the processing speed to decode the file prior to sending it over the network. I had a similar issue with a DNS-323 NAS, stutters and the like. With large files the NAS box was at 100% CPU load - which was the cause of the stutters.

I haven't tried with another RPi as a server, but I think it may have the same issues.

Maybe someone else has tried and got it to work.