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RPI 2 + Harmony One - bang_ - 28th Feb, 2015 10:52 PM


i have ordered 2 new Rasperry Pi 2's and installed Xbian 1.0 with Kodi 14.2-BETA2 (compiled 25021015). At the beginning , the harmony one works fine and everything / every button was ok and accepted by the rpi2. But after a few updates (settings->xbian->updates), the "OK" Button doesn't work anymore. That's why, I have to reinstall the whole system Undecided.

I have tried a lot of solutions (like this). But nothing helps.

Has anyone an Idea for me?

Summary Setup:
XBian version: 1.0
XBMC/Kodi version: 14.2-BETA2 (compiled 25021015)
Overclock settings: "None" - 900/250/450/0

Device type and model (e.g. Raspberry Pi Model A/B 256/512 MB, CuBox-i i4Pro, ...): Rasperry Pi 2
Power supply rating: 2.100mAh
SD card size and make/type: Samsung microSD 8GB EVO
RC-6 Module:
Found /sys/class/rc/rc0/ (/dev/input/event0) with:
Driver mceusb, table rc-rc6-mce
Supported protocols: NEC RC-5 RC-6 JVC SONY SANYO LIRC RC-5-SZ other
Enabled protocols: RC-6
Repeat delay = 500 ms, repeat period = 125 ms

RE: RPI 2 + Harmony One - IriDium - 1st Mar, 2015 03:45 AM

Have you looked on our wiki Wiki

RE: RPI 2 + Harmony One - bang_ - 1st Mar, 2015 04:05 AM


Nothing helps me Undecided. I don't understand the fact, that the remote works BEFORE the apt-get updates. After some reboots, it doesn't make, what the remote should make. (see above)