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No Keyboard Italyan Qwerty - xad - 29th Apr, 2015 07:13 PM

Good morning, look in the settings -> Keyboard Layout no Italian qwetry, lacking in choices, how can I add it?

Angel (xad)
sorry for my english Sad

RE: No Keyboard Italyan Qwerty - Cocoo - 6th May, 2015 07:34 PM

(29th Apr, 2015 07:13 PM)xad Wrote:  Good morning, look in the settings -> Keyboard Layout no Italian qwetry, lacking in choices, how can I add it?


I have a french keyboard (azerty + accented characters) and I have been looking for a while to set ip up in XBian 20150407-0 / Kernel Linux xbian 3.18.8+ / Kodi 14.2 / RPI 2, so let me tell you what I found:

1) Change of kbd "a la Debian":

Edit /etc/default/keyboard (as root) and change XKBMODEL="pc105" and XKBLAYOUT="fr" <- put your kbd model & layout here


# dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
# setupcon

After reboot, I got the AZERTY french kbd in a remote SSH terminal (supporting UTF8) and was able to type (and see) accented chars (éàùê...)

In Kodi GUI, my keyboard became an AZERTY instead of the default QWERTY, BUT no accented chars: the keys remain dead when I type them, they dont produce any char on the screen Undecided

2) In System > Settings > Appearance > International :

Language : only changes the GUI language, no effect on the keyboard. However, when set to French, all the accented characters display correctly in the GUI menus !
Char set: did not change anything for me (tried Western/Central Europe (ISO/Windows))
keyboard : only sets the On Screen Display keyboard, NOT the physical USB attached one

However, I found that you can edit (as root) the file /usr/local/share/kodi/system/keyboardlayouts.xml which describes the OSD kbd layouts and create your own. Just copy/paste an existing one, change <layout name="My French AZERTY"> and the set of keys. The editor must support UTF8, so I copied the file to my Linux box, edited with emacs and copied it back to the RPI. Then when you open the OSD kbd to type in text in a text area, you can select the chars and get them on the screen. This is a "half solution" as it gives you the accented characters that you are looking for but in the OSD keyboard only, you can still not type them with your USB keyboard.

Good luck !