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Limelight in Kodi menu - Hellcube - 30th Apr, 2015 11:45 PM

I have started using limelight on my Raspberry pi 2 few days ago. I love it. But its realy anoying to use SSH to quit kodi and start limelight every time i wish to play.
So i tryed to do a menu that would do all this. So i started a research on how to do it.

First How to add a custom menu into skin
Easy, no problem added with that part

<item id="666">
<label>Steam Games</label>

I done a script

sudo initctl stop xbmc
sudo java -jar /home/xbian/limelight.jar stream 192.168.x.x -1080 -30fps

in result my kodi (Helix) hangs.
When i start the script from SSH:
sh /home/xbian/
Every thing works, but when i try to use the button in kodi no luck.
I have tryed System.ExecWait to same result.
Is there any other way to do that "The right way"?

I found this topic on OSMC forum ... mc/1884/18

Tryed to implement it but it doesn't realy work.

Tested it with lines:

Any hints would be appriciated...

RE: Limelight in Kodi menu - IriDium - 20th May, 2016 04:02 AM

I've no idea what limelight is, but I doubt it is supported. It MAY be supported in later releases