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mt7601 usb wifi driver - taza.tizmut - 2nd May, 2015 06:48 PM

do you have the mt7601 wifi driver for the kernel 3.18.8+ #1

XBian version: 1.0 (knockout) (kernel: linux 3.18.8+)
XBMC/Kodi version: kodi 14.2 (comp apr 30 2015)
Overclock settings: default

Device type and model Raspberry Pi 2
Power supply rating: 2 A
SD card size and make/type: 8 g generic
Network (Ethernet or wireless): Ethernet Ok wirless approx mt7601
Connected devices TV USB storage keybord logitech K400

Other problem:
After installing the kernel source header to compile the driver the system didn’t boot.
I reinstalled Xbian, update and reboot.
installed the kernel source driver without rebooting
I compiled the driver with the kernel header I saved the drivers.
Reinstalled Xbian and I have installed the new compiled driver but it didn’t work it seems that the kernel source header don’t match to the current version of the kernel

RE: mt7601 usb wifi driver - IriDium - 20th May, 2016 03:51 AM

Are you still having the same issue with the latest release?

RE: mt7601 usb wifi driver - hollyrbraswell - 14th Oct, 2016 07:18 PM

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