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VNC upgrade breaks VNC? - Skywatch - 21st Jun, 2015 06:56 AM


I just upgraded the VNC module via xbian-config>upgrade and now I can't get a VNC connection from tight VNC to any upgraded pi. The connection is always refused even though the service is showing as running in xbian-config>services. It was working prior to this upgrade.

So is it me doing something stupid or did this upgrade do something unexpected/unwanted?


RE: VNC upgrade breaks VNC? - frank_dp - 22nd Jun, 2015 03:48 AM

Hi Skywatch,

Indeed the VNC server is not running because of a missing package.
Install this one :
sudo apt-get install libjpeg62
and your server will work.

On the other hand the new VNC server is not yet finished.
Mouse is reacting in reverse way and the auto low resolution switch at 720x480i gives a bad quality.



RE: VNC upgrade breaks VNC? - Skywatch - 22nd Jun, 2015 06:25 AM

Thanks Frank,

There are different issues depending on which version of pi you have. I did some testing and this is what I find.

On RPi model B the VNC server starts but no connection can be made.
On RPi 2 the server won't start at all.


RE: VNC upgrade breaks VNC? - frank_dp - 22nd Jun, 2015 07:52 AM

Hi Skywatch
(I have a RPi B)
Run the server at in terminal and check for error message.
sudo /usr/local/sbin/rpi-vncserver
With tvservice and restarting VNC you can do some testing.
It doesn't work in HDMI mode for me.
Forcing DVI output gives results (bad quality).
sudo xbian-config : settings/system/video output : option 2. ignore HDMI


RE: VNC upgrade breaks VNC? - Skywatch - 23rd Jun, 2015 11:57 PM

I notice there is a setting for the resolution under the system menu in kodi, so maybe that will help?
I can't spend much time on this now for a few weeks, going to be very busy.