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Run command on Kodi startup - 3to20characters - 4th Jul, 2015 02:50 AM

HI, I want to run redshift on Kodi. I have it set to run on startup, but it doesn't work. I think that's because at the time the script runs, Kodi hasn't started yet and therefore neither has XWindows. Redshift doesn't work if there is no GUI for it to alter.

The command I want to run is:
/usr/bin/redshift -l Lat:Lon

And the error I get when I quit Kodi and run from the command line is:
'RANDR Query Version' returned error -1
Initialization of randr failed.
Trying next method...
X request failed: XOpenDisplay
Initialization of vidmode failed.
Trying next method...
No more methods to try.

I could be wrong on why it isn't working, but either way, how can I fix this?

edit: Redshift alters the color temperature of your display as the sun sets. It helps you fall asleep easier as you aren't looking at stimulating blue light in the evenings.