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XBMC KODI BOX - arceye - 28th Jul, 2015 11:56 PM

Hi, can anyone help please, I have a MX Pro XBMC box running Kodi 14.1.
Im runnining Android 4.4.2 API level19 (kernel:linux 3.10.33)

When I switch to XBMC, on the top of my TV screen I get a message in blueHuh :- SWIPE DOWN TO EXIT FULL SCREEN .with OK just below it. Ive tried swiping with my arrow and it does nothing. Its really frustrating as its there on all my add-ons and films.

RE: XBMC KODI BOX - CurlyMo - 29th Jul, 2015 06:02 AM

Does this have anything to do with XBian?

RE: XBMC KODI BOX - arceye - 29th Jul, 2015 10:41 PM

(29th Jul, 2015 06:02 AM)CurlyMo Wrote:  Does this have anything to do with XBian?

Not sure, I don't know much about this as I'm in my late sixties and have not long bought this box loaded from E bay.

RE: XBMC KODI BOX - CurlyMo - 30th Jul, 2015 05:18 AM

Please ask your question at