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VNC problem. - Skywatch - 5th Nov, 2016 08:30 PM

Just for fun I set up Xbian on a raspberry pi Zero board yesterday.

Seems to work just fine but I have no monitor for it and decided to do all config over ssh. All went well but I need the actual kodi screen to access settings in Kodi, so I enabled VNC and logged in.

I get the screen image (in the usualy weird colours) and moving the mouse moves the cursor, but no clicks seem to be sent to the pi.

I tried on a pi 1 as well with the same results. Any fix for this? Smile

RE: VNC problem. - Nachteule - 5th Nov, 2016 09:46 PM

Did you start VNC before or after Kodi?

RE: VNC problem. - Skywatch - 6th Nov, 2016 02:41 AM

After Kodi via SSH -> xbian-config -> services -> VNC server (re)start.