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Merry Christmas - Skywatch - 18th Dec, 2016 11:23 PM

Just to wish all of you who celebrate it a very Merry Christmas! Smile

Thanks for all the support and help during 2016 and here's to an even better year in 2017!

RE: Merry Christmas - rikardo1979 - 19th Dec, 2016 04:22 PM

RE: Merry Christmas - Nachteule - 21st Dec, 2016 04:18 AM

... and we're getting snow at Really nice Big Grin

Merry Christmas - jakenl - 22nd Dec, 2016 02:05 AM

Thanks for all the good work you have provided to us in this year. Xbian is the media player in our living room and never lets us down while listening to music or watching movies / shows as a family!

RE: Merry Christmas - f1vefour - 26th Dec, 2016 07:05 AM

Merry Christmas to all.

RE: Merry Christmas - Skywatch - 28th Dec, 2016 07:09 AM

(21st Dec, 2016 04:18 AM)Nachteule Wrote:  ... and we're getting snow at Really nice Big Grin

I wondered what you meant, but now have just seen it - Nice! Smile