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Happy camper - thanks a lot, XBian - te36 - 16th Apr, 2019 06:14 AM

Just downloaded / installed xbian for the first time.

Main reason to choose xbian was my desire to add other Debian stuff in the background (had done some hacky scripting to print pictures from kodi, so wanted the easy ability to install whatever debian packages i might need for that, but didn't try any of that yet).

First attempt: Raspberry PI Mode 1B.
I think Kodi on RPI1 should be a picture in the wikipedia entry for "way too slow" ;-)
Man, that was really a depressing experience ;-)

[ I do love them RPI model 1 because they nicely run off USB power from TV sets so easy to set up switching on/off together with TV. RPI3 need master/slave etc.]

Second attempt: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2,
Download image, write to SD, pop in... Kodi running.
(except initial typical issues with CEC *sigh*, see other thread. Now working though).

Fast bootstrap, nice integration of system configuration (XBian) into Kodi as plugin.
Running now on built-in wireless, also easy to configure.
VNSI for TV worked immediately with my old VBR server too.

Very impressed with ease of setup & use.

Thanks a lot, XBian team!

RE: Happy camper - thanks a lot, XBian - Nachteule - 16th Apr, 2019 11:06 PM

Thanks for your positive comment Shy

And yes, fully agree with you, in the meantime use of Pi1 is a PITA. But, once started, you can still use it for playing h.264 videos. I have still one Pi1B working, fix mounted at the back side of my TV. But end of life of this part is near, bc I'm successive replacing my h.264 vids by h.265.

RE: Happy camper - thanks a lot, XBian - timothysykes - 28th Feb, 2023 01:01 PM

Well-configured and fast bootstrap. Particularly for folks like me, it is simple to use. XBian team is fantastic. Thank ovo game
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