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Filesystem Snapshots - halibut - 14th Jun, 2019 11:59 PM


Are any parts of the xbian filesytstem on the sdcard (other than the boot partition) not snapped by the btrfs snapshots?

I'm unfamiliar with btrfs and I'm playing around with transcoding large files on the sdcard and they keep getting caught up in the snaps and wasting space after I've deleted them.



RE: Filesystem Snapshots - Nachteule - 15th Jun, 2019 04:42 AM

Usually all subvolumes are snapshotted with one exception (AFAIR):

If you have xbian-package-tvheadend or xbian-package-transmission installed, a subvolume called storage will be created, and this is excluded from snapshots per default

  1. You can edit file /etc/default/xbian-snap, variable EXCLUDESUB to add/remove subvolumes from snapshotting
  2. You can add your own subvolume by command sudo xbian-storager createvol --mount --exclude name /mount/point,
    for example
    sudo xbian-storager createvol --mount --exclude transcoding /home/xbian/transcoding
    --mount --> automount via /etc/fstab
    --exclude --> no autosnapshotting
    name --> name of subvolume
    /mount/point --> mountpoint of subvolume

RE: Filesystem Snapshots - halibut - 17th Jun, 2019 07:01 PM


The "sudo xbian-storager createvol --mount --exclude" looks ideal.

Thank you Nachteule.