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auto replay - roel dijkema - 14th Dec, 2012 07:31 PM


I am trying to use the raspberry pi with xbian to show a video on a presentation screen. All works well apart from auto replay. The video stops after 5 min. I would like to replay it until I hit the stop button. Is that possible and how would I make that happen ? Anu help is very wellcome.

Regards, Roel

RE: auto replay - rikardo1979 - 14th Dec, 2012 08:10 PM

yes you can do this Wink
-so navigate to your folder or file you want to play in loop
-evoke context menu (key C on keyboard or Option on Remote)
-from dropdown menu choose Now playing...
-hit navigation key to the Left and you see a small dropdown menu
-select Repeat:One (or if you want to play all files in folder select All)
-play the file

lets try this and post back if it works Wink