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Airplay over Audio Out - bamdaschmu - 12th Mar, 2013 08:30 PM


Q: is there a way to use the Airplay feature of XMBC only over Audio out (Or USB Audio Dongle later), but let the whole system besides Airplay use Audio over HDMI?

Explanation why: My TV is hooked up to my stereo, since it has the best sound here. When I watch movies over Xbian or TV or whatever, I really want my pi to use Audio over HDMI (what it acctually does automaticly).
Now, when I don't whatch Movies and the TV is off I want to use my Raspberry like an Airport Express with Airplay: I want to send my music over iTunes to my stereo. But I don't want to have my TV on, so HDMI is not an option. I tried shairport to run in background since there was the possibility to route the signal, but it never worked. And since Xbian XMBC has Airplay installed anyway, why make it to complicated.

So in short note: TV on -> movies -> HDMI Audio
TV off -> music with iTunes -> Audio Out (or USB Dongle)

--> Possible?

THANK you very much for help!

RE: Airplay over Audio Out - CurlyMo - 12th Mar, 2013 08:35 PM

Install the latest XBMC version from our github and you have the possibility to output audio to both HDMI and analog. Then if you watch movies leave the tv on and if you play over airplay leave it off.