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Audio output doesn't work well - Eikatis - 15th Apr, 2013 10:07 PM

Hi all!

I'm running XBian 1.0a5 with XBMC 12.1 package, but there are still some issues regarding the audio output. Streaming video works fine, even FullHD with 5.1 sound - but audio/music playback is horrible.

First problem:
On playback MP3 files from my NAS (SMB Share, conntected via LAN) there are lots of interrupts / stutter. This happens quite often on different tracks at different positions. The MP3 files are correct - i've checked that on my PC with Winamp.

Second problem:
The songs will not start at the beginning but 2-3 seconds later. This happens at all songs... Also the time between songs seems too long. Is there no buffering?

Third problem:
There is no crossfade between songs, even this option is activates in settings.
Is there a general/known problem with crossfading in XBian?

Does anyone have similar experience?
Is there something i have to consider in setup?


Re: Audio output doesn't work well - rikardo1979 - 15th Apr, 2013 10:09 PM

crossfade required alsa what is not used so this will not work o RPi