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AUX and HDMI audio - richardxtc - 21st Apr, 2013 12:42 AM


So i read in the latest update there was a fix for playing audio over both aux and hdmi at the same time however after i updated xbian to alpha 5 it still only plays through either or.

MY current setup is
Rpi 256mb
Xbian alpha 5
Logik 37" fhd tv
samsung surround sound

I connect the rpi to the tv with an hdmi cable and an aux cable to my surround sound.

IS there a specific setting that i have to change myself?

ALso if i power off my rpi by pulling the power, xbian will only show if i power it up when the tv is on, if the tv is off and i power up the rpi the tv just says that there is no source connected.

PLease advise

Re: AUX and HDMI audio - rikardo1979 - 21st Apr, 2013 04:06 AM

you have only XBian Alpha 5 but to be able to use this you need to update your XBMC.Please read