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download package setup - pathia - 6th May, 2013 09:19 AM

I've installed the download package and while most parts work I do have some questions.
I am using an external usb disk so I decided to delete the download, incomplete and torrents directories from Xbian user's home directory and replaced them with a symlink to /media/usb/xxx.

* What is the preferred directory structure to start off with?
* How can XBMC automatically add my newly downloaded stuff to the library?
* Why does couchpotato uses torrents instead of instructing nzbget to download something?
* Why is nzbget download only at max rate of about 1 mbps ? When using torrents I have seen about 3 mbps in my mrtg graphs of the traffic. But this also is not exhausting my vdsl2+ connection which is about 27 mbps.

RE: download package setup - Fred - 7th May, 2013 04:56 PM

* Don't know what you mean by this exactly. I have made subfolders movies and tvshows inside the download folder and configured it such that couchpotato downloads to the movies folder (by setting a category for nzbget) and sickbeard to the tvshows folder. I have done this so that the renamers of couchpotato and sickbeard don't interfere (this can happen when a series name is the same as a movies name or vice versa). I also configured the renamers to move finished downloads to folders outside of the download folder, so I can easily remove left overs by just emptying the download folder every now and then.
* You can set it up to update library at start up, you can also configure couchpotato and sickbeard to communicate with xbmc when a download is finished and processed. You can also install this or this
* Just change the settings of couchpotato.
* Can depend on the speed of your newsserver. Also if your external harddisk has a ntfs filesystem it will be slow, you can tweak this a little bit by changing some mount options but the best thing to do is to format it as ext4.

Also use the forum search function and google.

RE: download package setup - Kevf - 21st May, 2013 04:12 AM

Normally I don't use Sickbeard and Couchpotato. Is there also a stand alone script that can be run in combination with nzbget?

I used to have a popcorn hour with nzbget and Oversight. The Oversight (is a jukebox kinda thing) would put all the completed files in the correct folders and would update the library afterwards.

edit: something like this would update the server. But I wouldn't know what to do with the script

RE: download package setup - Senseohasser - 9th Aug, 2013 05:19 AM

(7th May, 2013 04:56 PM)Fred Wrote:  You can also install this or this

Is there any downside to using Watchdog instead of Auto Library Updater (like higher CPU load or constant access of the NAS which prevents Standby of the harddrives)?

RE: download package setup - Fred - 9th Aug, 2013 08:55 AM

I don't use them myself, so I wouldn't know. You can always try them and disable/uninstall if you don't like it.

RE: download package setup - Gemma01 - 28th Sep, 2013 12:00 AM

Sometimes the download versions of softwares don't work on the new OS as they were download w.r.t previous one, while you've installed the new one. As while downloading some sites would give you the only appropriate one version according to your browser or your spec's ..