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Apple Remote Trouble - techsandoval - 13th May, 2013 04:47 AM

Hello guys,

Im having trouble installing my remote I followed this guide.. But its different because before I was using Raspbmc and Openelect and I know how to install the remote on those 2 XBMC distros. But with Xbian its different, I already have the 3 following files..all I want to know is in what folder do I put the files in and what command do I use to launch those files so that it will work with my remote.

lircmap.xml (not sure if needed)

RE: Apple Remote Trouble - markosjal - 13th Jul, 2013 11:00 AM

Have you tried an Apple IR sensor and building ATV client?



one of the titles refers to a g4 Mac Mini, however it works on any USB hardware. I have been unable to test with hardware but have an apple IR sensor on the way

Then you have apple remote on xbian, with apple remote sensor , pairing and enhanced remote buttons on Logitech harmony