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Multiple Pi with shared library - Calp87 - 19th May, 2013 07:50 PM


I am knew to the forum,

i have had a search but can't find anything that is relating to what i am after (if possible )

i have 2 pi running xbian both running source from my netgear nas, they work perfect on there own but what i am after is so that they sync or link to each other so when i have watched programes on one the other sees this, even if it has to have a library rescan.

i have seen a couple things on mysql i think it is but i can' see how that will work on xbain.


RE: Multiple Pi with shared library - rikardo1979 - 19th May, 2013 07:58 PM

please search our forum and xbmc wiki pages
this was discussed before and you can find all info
and I'm sure there is more so I locking this thread