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XWMM - grymcent - 25th May, 2013 05:44 AM


Anyone had any luck with XWMM web interface?

I've been wanting to tidy up my movie database and that seemed the easiest way, I've managed to install it and some aspects work but Manage Movie Sets doesn't.


RE: XWMM - Uncle_Tubbie - 27th May, 2013 01:54 AM

Shouldn't you be posting this at the developers website? That is were I would start anyways along with a list of the problem / issues I was having.

PS _ my name is Grahame too

Update XWMM is running on Frodo 12.1. I think Xbian is running on 12.2

RE: XWMM - mk01 - 27th May, 2013 09:18 AM

(25th May, 2013 05:44 AM)grymcent Wrote:  Hi

Anyone had any luck with XWMM web interface?

Graham, I have no actual information on status of XWMM, but in the times of XBMC 11 I remember it wasn't planned to be updated anymore. Since then I wasn't putting any attention to it anymore. Did the status changed and should work again?

Anyhow I tested for you under Macosx XBMC and the status is similar to yours. Something is working, something not.

I suppose it will be pure XBMC/XWMM problem, not related to xbian. Try XBMC forums.

RE: XWMM - Senseohasser - 10th Aug, 2013 10:00 PM

XWMM works fine with XBIAN. The problems with movie sets are a known issue of XWMM version 2.1.0