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Problem: Support for Edimax EW-7811UAC 11AC USB Adapter
6th Jan, 2018, 11:49 PM
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RE: Support for Edimax EW-7811UAC 11AC USB Adapter
(6th Jan, 2018 10:08 PM)slimjim69 Wrote:  Hi @Nachteule,

thank you very much, got it working!

in /etc/network/interfaces there were some random 'dhcp' lines in the iface section of wlan1. So lines which only contained 'dhcp' and nothing more. I guess they were added by the xbian-config command line tool when I tried to establish a wifi connection. Maybe I have some time this evening to try and prove this.
As of your recommendations I read the ubuntuusers article on /etc/network/interfaces. I used ifup wlan1 and it gave me pretty clearly which lines were wrong. Commented them out and that was it.

Thanks again!

Thus, my assumption has been confirmed. I'll see if I can reproduce this, did you use the xbian-config CLI (as you wrote) or the GUI version inside of Kodi?
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