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[Project][WIP] XBian.Two for the Raspberry Pi 2
9th Mar, 2015, 04:09 AM
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[Project][WIP] XBian.Two for the Raspberry Pi 2


What is it?

XBian.Two (XBT) is an open-source diskimg for the Raspberry Pi 2, which has been pre-configured for use as both an media center as well as an retro gaming console.

What makes it special?

Since the main release will be a pre-configured diskimg, installation will be very simple; obtaining a full-featured media center with easy access to your retro games will never get any easier than this. XBT will be built for a single device, allowing a slimmer install, as well as assurance that every update you see is for your device. Also, when there are more users using the same device and configuration, bugs can be addressed more efficiently.

How can I help?

Great question; thanks for asking! Angel There are many ways you can help! The first thing you can do to help is to go to this thread and vote for the XBian.Two project. Having a dedicated testing unit will help accelerate development of XBT, so voting for XBT is the best way to help, at this time. I will be continuing this project even if I do not win the contest. I also encourage you to post any suggestions in this thread, as well as bug reports (once XBT is released). If your suggestion fits the scope of the project, I can't promise it will be implemented quickly, but I can promise it will be added to the public roadmap (which I will compile and post in the near future). XBT is going to be open source, and it will be public on GitHub. Once the repository is made public, I will add it to this post. If you are a developer, you are more than welcome to fork the repo and make adjustments; if you make any adjustments that are beneficial to XBT, it will be added to the Master branch, and you will be thanked in the credits. The GitHub repo will also be a good place to report bugs. If you want to help out in another way, please post your thoughts here or send me a PM.

I am almost finished with midterms, so development should begin later this month or early next month, and I expect to have a beta release available to testers by the end of April. I also will be posting alpha releases sooner than that, for those who wish to extend a helping hand. I must discourage you from installing any alpha or beta releases, as they have the potential to ruin your device (RPi or SD card). You should only be trying the alpha and beta releases if you are comfortable with Linux, troubleshooting, and losing an SD card.

I'm very excited for this journey, and I hope it will help bring some attention to the wonderful environment that is XBian.
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9th Mar, 2015, 04:33 AM
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RE: [Project][WIP] XBian.Two for the Raspberry Pi 2
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