Full Version: Analogue Audio Out
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Hi all XBians!

I'm having a problem with audio playback on my Raspberry Pi and Xbian Alpha 3 and 4.
When I'm playing it thru the audio out (3.5mm) jacket I'm getting a annoying crackling sound every time i stop/play or changes track in XBMC.

I have read on the internet that there is a bug in firmware but no update for it.
I have also read some other forum threads were raspbmc users have fixed it, but I can't get it to work on Xbian.

Any suggestions?
Can some help me to fix this annoying sound or link a page on how to fix it on Xbian?
Ok, nice to hear! Hope there will be a stable fix soon!
It seems that the new firmware should at least do something to fix the problem

I haven't tested it out yet. Running rpi-update on xbian probably isn't a good idea. Will this be included in the next alpha / beta of xbian?
If you want, you can already install the new firmware by manually replacing the files mentioned here:

The crew is currently testing it and if we have good results (just like i'm having), we will release the new firmware version through our apt repository.
Hi, I have another one problem with analog audio. I just bought switch TP-LINK SG1008D. If I connect raspi to the switch I hear noise from repro on TV, but if I connect it direct to the router it is OK. Noise is hear even if raspi is off. I think it is some kind of interference or something. Any ideas what is wrong?
This is due to the bad hardware implementation of the analog sound. That's the main reason i don't use wireless because it interferes to much with the analog audio.
So there is no way how to fix it?
Nope or buying a HDMI to VGA/AUDIO and then VGA --> s-video/composite
there might be be but it would req some investments of money and time.this would req some HW modification - filters for the PSU, audio out etc. so a bit of experiments tbh Wink
edit: also I would look on the TP switch as you saying that is happens when you go over it but nit from it might be an issue with it when its pass the mess into cables
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