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ANyone else having no weather updates at the moment? - Just checking as I have just finished all the updates for xbian and wonder if that has caused the problem or not.

Can't confirm. WU works here
Working here also - RPi3 DEVEL.

I assume you have an API key?
Thanks for the responses. I have API key and it was working, then last night I could not get anything at all (just the line through all the forecasts). But tonight it is working again, so maybe a glitch with my ISP or something.
Nice to get the feedback though, as it helps find where the problem is!
Fine, so you have weather again in UK Tongue

Marked as solved
(10th Jul, 2016 07:42 AM)Nachteule Wrote: [ -> ]Fine, so you have weather again in UK Tongue

Yup! - Actually a forecast isn't really needed here, cold with wind and rain is British Standard Weather! Sad
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