Full Version: Strange Video Playback Problem
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(23rd Aug, 2018 09:36 PM)Skywatch Wrote: [ -> ]@Nachteulee

Thanks for the reply, you are up early today! (Or have you been up all night? - Hmmm.....). Wink

Nooo, the times are long gone Angel

Quote:I found that the SD->microSD adapter was causing the read only issue, must have gone bad inside as the side switch was definately in the correct position.

Ok ... but you know that usually that switch is completely ignored Big Grin

Quote:When the problem occured I ordered another pifi-digi as I believed that to be the problem - it arrived today and no change with the new digi card.....So I have re-flashed the micro SDcard now with an image from 7/8/18 and the sound is back Smile

I'll try updating/upgrading later and see if it breaks again.

But rear right speaker is not working, so have to investigate that first Angry

Misfortune seldom comes alone Sad
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