Full Version: Navi-X processor error
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Just got the Raspi today and setup Xbian on it. Total noob so please forgive me if this is an easy fix. I have searched forums and google and couldnt find anything on the topic. I have installed Navi-X and 1channel, when I go to play a movie in navi-x and once the movie is highlighed in the lower left hand corner if the source says and then select the movie, I get the error- Processor Error: Could not extract packed function. But if I play a movie from as the source it will play just fine. I couldnt get any links to work in 1channel. I am trying to learn so please be patient with me and I look forward to hearing from you.
this is all related to the addon specific.
the error means, it couldn't open the stream basically,and those you see are the servers where you trying to stream from.
Ok thanks. Those links work on my ios and android devices I just wasnt sure if I was missing something in the setup of raspi for them not to work.
Sounds like coded related to me if they play on the other devices. Don't know the addons but if they serve wmv files (example) they won't play on the Pi without license codes
I've got the license codes in there as well. After doing some more testing sometimes a couple of the videos will play but a majority of them won't.
as I mentioned before, this is more likely due to server and the load on it.
In my experience I have a problem with that server during the day where I found it working quite well early morning and than late night
Gotcha now, thanks for the help!
Hi Guys

Is it always the best add-on repo in 2017 (lot of addon i have tryed from this repo are not working ...) ?
(19th Dec, 2017 01:23 AM)billythekid Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Guys

Is it always the best add-on repo in 2017 (lot of addon i have tryed from this repo are not working ...) ?
This isn't a relevant question to this old thread, please start a new thread.
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