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Problem: Xbian on Cuboxi
9th Apr, 2015, 05:11 PM
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Question Xbian on Cuboxi
XBian version: Xbian 20150407-1
XBMC/Kodi version: xbian-package-xbmc-6q (14.2-1428508341)
Overclock settings: n/a
Kernel: linux-image-3.14.22-armmp

Device type and model (e.g. Raspberry Pi Model A/B 256/512 MB, CuBox-i i4Pro, ...): Cubox-i 2eX
Power supply rating: 5V 2A
SD card size and make/type: 4Gb Class 8
Network (Ethernet or wireless): OnBoard Wireless
Connected devices (TV, USB, network storage, ...): Hdmi FullHd TV

Log files
Link to logfile(s): Log file prior to add Debug:
Log file after debug added to advancedsettings.xml:

Problem description:
Installed the latest stable image on a clean sd, booted up and configured wi-fi. I try to go in the Xbian Settings but it just hangs at 25%.
I connect via ssh and then i do
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
The device then reboots automatically and on every reboot the display show only the splash screen with "starting xbmc..." and suddently it becames black without showing nothing, after some time it comes back on the text environment

How to reproduce:
Install the stable image with Xbian-Installer on a 4Gb Sd card, configure the embedded wi-fi with the keyboard, connect via ssh and do a apt-get update & apt-get upgrade

FootNote: if i download the latest build of Xbian the file size is just the half of the stable release and when i boot up it just show a login prompt but even if i plug an usb keyboard i cannot log-in. Any other experience the same issue?
FootNote2: to reboot the device i have to type "sudo reboot" two times
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15th Apr, 2015, 01:54 AM
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RE: Xbian on Cuboxi
Any idea? At the moment i'm running my Cubox with the latest stable release of Xbian ( Heart ) without upgrading.
Is there anyone in my situation?
Many thanks,
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23rd Apr, 2015, 07:02 AM
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RE: Xbian on Cuboxi
Yesterday i tried something new, i made a backup copy of the Sd card (just in case...) and then i upgraded only a few items with the "apt-get upgrade" and ta-daah as i rebooted the Cubox Xbian won't start again Huh i have the same problem, the screen turns black afther the "starting Xbian" for about 1 minute and then it switch back to the debian login screen.
As a result to view a cartoon i have to re-write the sd cart with my working backup copy Confused
Anyone is in my same situation??
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27th Apr, 2015, 10:02 PM
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RE: Xbian on Cuboxi
I have many issues with xbian on cubox-i too.

It's like the team is releasing upgrades without testing it before Sad

This is really sad because xbian is a great project.
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28th Apr, 2015, 03:53 AM
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RE: Xbian on Cuboxi
We once released packages in the devel and staging repo but users weren't tested them before they went to stable. We had no choice then to release to stable immediatly. I never had issues, so everything is pretty user specific.

pilight - modular domotica solution
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